S-CUT videos

S-Cut videos

Our videos will show how quick, safe and easy it is to use an S-CUT.

We demonstrate our models and some of the tasks you can use it for.

S-Cut QE – an allround-tool that even can save lives

The best tool for the horse owner

Use it for safety and practical tasks.

The big oil disaster at the island of Tjörn

S-Cut were used for quick and easy removing of the decontamination teams oilsoaked clothes.

To open a motorcycle boot

S-Cut is optimal for cutting leather boots at injuries as bone fractures and bad sprains.

Safety for your horse

Training in removing clothes in the emergency room at Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset in Gothenburg, Sweden

West Coast Rescue Team use S-Cut at extrication

S-CUT Emergency cutting tool Instruction (English)

S-CUT Emergency cutting tool Instruktion (Deutch)

S-CUT presentation at EMS Today 2009

S-CUT at paper mills